About Us

Established in TRNC in 1992, Comtech has been serving in the IT sector as ISP, WISP (Wireless ISP), and Software Developer and System Integrator.

Being a private firm that has established the first local satellite in the region and the first Internet Service Provider (kktc.net ), Comtech possesses a wide range of customers including State Departments, private corporations and dial-up users. Among the services being rendered by Comtech are Broadband Internet Service Access, Wireless Internet Access, Static IP, Server Hosting, Domain Name Recording, Web page design. It is also the first firm that has started serving as ASP (Application Server Provider).

Comtech has broken ground in TRNC with secure servers possessing SSL-128-bit coding certificate, offered to its customers as part of e-commerce platform and secure payment connections. Having opened a secure e-commerce infrastructure to the use of its customers, Comtech is able to produce customer solutions for a great variety of applications.

As a firm that has been committed to working with open systems, Comtech proposes solutions to its customers, consisting of systems and network products composed of Windows and various UNIX adaptations (Solaris, HP/UX, SunOS, AIX, Digital UNIX, Linux, etc).

Desktop, client/server and multi-tier applications have been developed using the programming languages, C/C++, Java, Visual Basic, Delphi and Perl. Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle and other database systems through ODBC, JDBC and Microsoft ActiveX/Com, HTML, XML, CGI script, Javascript, Java HTTP Servlet, Java Server Pages technologies, as well as Windows family and UNIX platforms are our target areas.

Comtech Technology team is composed of staff members who have graduated from the Faculties of Computer Sciences, Computer Engineering and Electronic Engineering of the universities in TRNC, Turkey, UK and USA.